​With all creative people there has to be someone who finds the unusual and hard to find pieces to enhance their wonderful projects.  Leslie spent 24 years in France scouring small village flea markets and clearing houses.  Most of the items she sells are from France and she takes great pleasure in passing on these little treasures from the past....that become Americanized treasures.   Her business is appropriately called Deja Vu.  She lives in Arcata , California and sells predominantly at local flea markets and the occasional show in Northern California.


Laurie has lived as an artist her entire life.  She studied art and architecture at Cranbrook Academy of art.  She trained as an architect and a sculptor but soon realized that painting was her true passion.  One of her first paintings  of an angel was shown at the Columbus Museum of Art.  She really invested herself into the folk art world in the year 2000 finding inspiration in romantic and and magical experiences.  Her folk/outsider art paintings and portraits capture fun, funkiness and they are interesting.  They also can be still and reflective as well. Please welcome Laurie to the Festival this is her first year and we are thrilled to have her join  our Festival family.


Ceramic sculptress Cynthia Hipkiss creates a unique vision of the world combining sophistication with knowledgable primitivism, evoking humor and whimsy. The artist specialized in wonderfully large women engaged in such activities as attending a dinner party or walking a dog. One of the delights of the art of Cynthia Hipkiss is that each person responds to it in an individual way. Cynthia attended the California College of Arts and Crafts, and graduated from Sonoma State College with a major in art. She has won awards, and her work has been exhibited internationally. 


Amanda is the Artisan & Antique Collective Coordinator at Tews Treasures in Napa  CA.  Tews Treasures is a family business featuring eclectic consignments and local vendors.  Amanda and her family believe that you should think green, reuse and re-purpose.  She takes great pride in creating a JOYFUL environment that empowers local artisans, and antique dealers to inspire and connect with the community.  In addition to wonderful vintage items, they offer paint workshops, a "Rustic to Refined", Pop-Up Vintage Market, every 3rd Sunday APR-OCT. Please pay Amanda a visit at her table, and shop Tews Treasures, a most eclectic place to shop in Napa Valley.


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​2016 HalloVine Wine Label Artist

We are thrilled to have Sandra Evertson as our label artist for the release of HalloVine wine the 2013 Vintage of Pinot Noir. We are delighted to feature one of  her new line of Relics & Artifacts as the art on the label.  

Sandra was a former model/actress turned designer, author.  Her first book Fanciful Paper Projects changed the paper crafting industry, bringing ephemera art off the page lending it a 3 dimensional quality.  A popular trend with an impact still felt today.  In addition to writing Fanciful Paper Projects, she has contributed to book titles such as:  Crowns &Tiaras, A Closet Full of Shoes, The Artful Storybook and the best selling book that started WHERE WOMEN CREATE.  She is a contributing editor  to Where Women Create , Where Women Cook and Where Women Create Business magazines.  She has designed several popular stamp lines exclusive to Stampington &Company and contributes to all their various publications. Sandra is the creator of RELICS & ARTIFACTS .   She is working hard to start a Crafting Revolution with them!  Please welcome Sandra to the Festival..



Judy is an internationally known figurative sculpture artist who brings spirit and energy to her intriguing creations.  Inspired by European folk and fairy tales, she has been crafting her art for more than 40 years and has conducted workshops and taught classes across the United States.  Her dolls have been published in various publications , including Art Doll Quarterly, and Dolls Magazine.  Judy's work is eagerly sought out by collectors and we are pleased to have her join us at the Festival this year.


​It was written in the stars that Melissa would end up as a professional daydreamer by beginning her life at the start of October.  Surrounded early on by an abundance of fantastical and nonsensical imagery, Halloween set the stage for her spirited imagination.

With mischief and merriment as it tenets, Melissa's hand-sculpted menagerie of paper clay characters are designed to transcend the limits of imagination to a whimsical world of holiday enchantment.

As with all creative endeavors, living an artful life is a daily practice of learning and discovering, playing and struggling to keep the dream alive .   Melissa is grateful to be a part of something that is an extension of who she is and to have an outlet where creativity is celebrated everyday.


Valerie is a self-taught folk artist.  She is most well-known for her folk art doll and critters...but recently she has taken on painting seriously. She says her painting style has changed immensely as she continues to grow.  She is continually evolving as she decipher's what it is she feels as a painter.  She states that she has always had a simplistic/idealistic/innocent view of the world.  She further acknowledges that painting allows her to explore another side of herself that which is softer, harder, sarcastic, ironic as she struggles to find her place in the world of paint.  Please welcome Valerie to her first Festival with us!  Valerie is also a gifted garment seamstress and accessory fabricator.


Katherine's Halloween art is inspired by many family influences and childhood memories. Mostly by her very imaginative and colorful Danish Grandmother who came from a family of talented musicians and painters. She made every holiday celebration special but Halloween was our favorite! She would transform their home with spooky life size Halloween characters and a holiday trinket at the table where we sat. Katherine's Irish Great Grandmother was a well respected medium. Some of her visual inspirations come from this connection with the beyond bringing a surrealist twist to her quirky and scary creations.  Besides the American Folk Art Festival; Katherine has participated in the  Monsterpalooza and ScareLA in Los Angeles; and Ghoultide Gathering in the Detroit area.  She is a Washington native residing near Seattle.
She is honored to have been part of the American Folk Art Festival since its creative inception by Sue Bartolucci.


Caramia  creates carved resin jewelry cast by hand from molds she designs herself in her Berkeley studio..  Her jewelry  is  inspired by vintage graphics and bakelite design, but with a modern twist.  Caramia creates bracelets, pins, earrings, necklaces and rings.  They are sold at boutiques, shops and museum stores across the USA and now in Europe. This is the thirdyear, Caramia  has created some exclusive  Festival designs.  Everyone deserves to treat themselves to a Caramia design.  Her work should be a staple in your wardrobe.  She has something for every occasion.

M. D. Tereck

Melissa  has dedicated her life to creating art.  She  had  an early career as a clothing designer, but her true love is the art of  paper mache. She takes pride that her hand made work is created in the USA in her home studio.  She is inspired by vintage paper mache art.  Her work is  in many collections.  Recently she has been working on paper mache  houses the likes of which would be suitable homes for fairies and gnomes.  These little abodes have gained the attention of many collectors.


Nicol Sayre's dolls are reminiscent of antique dolls.  Each figure is a one-of-a-kind creation made  by hand , clothed in vintage fabrics and completed with either handmade  or found collectible accessories.  This attention to detail give each doll their personality.  Her sewing skills are extraordinary and she is always searching for the perfect find to  use in her next creation.  Nicol  will even travel to Europe to find the perfect vintage finds she needs.  The favorite time period from which Nicol  drews  her inspiration is the mid-1800's.  Please  meet her and her ladies.


"Jack has created paper mache figures for many years. He was an art instructor, but now retired. He now spends nearly all his time now collecting antiques and bits of odds and ends.  He cleverly creates little vignettes in his imagination sometimes using found objects to create a back drop for the  figures he has created in the past.  His work has been collected by many all over the country. He was a master of paper mache and a mentor to many. Jack has been a guest artist in the American Folk Art Festival from its beginning."   He will be bringing antiques from his personal collection to this show and also art pieces from the past.


Charlene's work is one-of-a-kind.  She studied design at Louise Salinger's School of Design, but her talent for design has always been innate...in other words a part of her essence since birth.  She has a way with organic materials that compares to none other.  Her figures and other creations are ethereal ...other worldly.  The materials she uses are both vintage and new, but they blend together seamlessly, as if they were a treasure from times past.


Vickie is always on the search for antiques everywhere she goes.  She has a house in California and one in the mid-west as well.  So, her antique  hunting can be anywhere in between these locations and may even extend farther east.  She  has quite a collection of items  in storage, which is located  near her home town of Durham CA.  She  especially loves to collect primitive Americana, and has an extensive private personal collection of Halloween collectibles from  a variety of Halloween artists.  If Vickie doesn't have what you are looking for....she may know where she can find it.


Marcia has collected stuff since she was a child.  The last 15 years she  has been  designing UBU jewelry and networking within the Northern California Bead Society, which has vastly expanded her knowledge and creative use of found objects. She is the owner of  Cottage Jewel  in Danville where there is an offering  of every form of EMBELLISHMENT for you or your home......plus monthly Lectures, Appraisal Clinics, altered-art Workshops, Trunk Shows and More. When she is not hosting parties or participating in local shows, she will  also provide Estate Liquidation services.  She will be bringing to the Festival numerous one-of-a-kind treasures including antique, vintage, hand-made artful novelties and earthly finds.


This will be Lisa's first year as a participant in the Festival. Lisa is a wife, mother and talented  designer of vintage fabric handbags.  She uses antique baubles and vintage jewelry to accessorize her bags.  Each bag is one-of-a-kind. She loves the thrill of the hunt for antique jewelry and fabric at the flea market.  More of her work  can be seen on Pinterest and she has a shop on Etsy.  Please visit Lisa's and welcome her into the Festival Family.


Allen was interested in handiwork from a very early age.  He began drawing and experimented with crafting doll-like figures with odds and ends found around the house.  As he grew older, he began collecting antique dolls, toys, and children's books.  Allen's work consists of hand sculpted dolls in paperclay.  He dresses the dolls in a variety of new and antique fabrics, and trims.  All accessories seen with the dolls are also handmade.  His characters are always engaged in action either with each other or the viewer.  You're sure to have a smile when you see his work.


This will be the second year Suzy will join us at the Festival.  She has had a long history in collecting antiques.  She has a special penchant for collecting holiday items particularly anything Christmas and Halloween.  She currently has a permanent vendor space at the Blue Door Antiques in Livermore, California.  We think you will be excited to see her eclectic collection of vintage pieces.


Is a designer of the dark, her shop Gothic Rose Antiques specializes in Haunting Antique Decor, and fine macabre goods for the darkly inclined.
Visiting her shop which is located in Gold Country just outside of Sacramento you will find inspiration in antique fantasy furniture, period and Gothic clothing and jewelry. She also has top hats, costumes, masks, dark art, and many more oddities, curiosities, and more.  In addition she creates wicked wares by Crystal and she does her best to incorporate as many antique and vintage materials into each original piece as possible. She feels it adds to the "soul" of the piece and helps to preserve the past.

David Bruce

David  is a well established artist whose interests  include many creative mediums. His passion, however,  is paper mache .  David says “Paper mache offers an almost unlimited opportunity for creative expression...and , it’s a lot of fun!”.  David has developed his talents over many years, including  a  period of time doing  television set design.  He has been  creating his art over the years  as  Acorn Cottage Collectibles.  His creations are a variety of whimsical characters inspired by vintage Holiday collections.


Susan creates one-of-a-kind folk art....always with a pun!  For her the journey of creating art is as important as the resulting art.  She is almost always on a new artistic trip somewhere, most often without any preconceived notion of where.   To forget any artistic techniques and to experiment is her freedom in creation.  Her art may take the form of figurative sculpture, ornamentation, collage, assemblage, or torched tin....... using a variety of materials such as; found objects, fabric, clay, papier mache, paper, wire, tin, canvas, paint, etc.  Nothing is held sacred.  Anything can become an art object, or art material.  Inspiration is drawn from surrounding raw materials, which she tries to look beyond their original intent and form.  The art of Halloween is a particular passion. 


Susan steps into a bygone era when she creates her vintage Victorian inspired Folk Art.  Her creations are known as After Midnight Folk Art.  She was motivated to create her own work because of her love of vintage holiday pieces.  Her creations are sought after because they are individually created with  many vintage materials, to name a few; old sheet music, glass beads, crepe paper, vintage fabric and trim, and assorted other finds.  The vintage and otherwise  doll heads that are an important part of her work are imported from Germany.  She has a studio in Sacramento California and when she combines vintage materials with sometimes new findings, and materials the results are magical.


Nancy has been creating metal art for about 25 years, and likes to use antique articles as focal points in her garden art.  For the past 35 years she has had a deep interest in antiques and collectibles focusing on primitive country antiques, crocks, chairs, kitchen gadgets, quilts, and much more. 


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Kat Anderson, Robin Seeber Armstrong, Susan Arnot, Susan Bartolucci, Crystal (Gothic Rose), Anna Corba,  Lisa Christophe,

Suzy Crooks, Allen W. Cunningham, Robert Eberz, Nada Ferris, Charlene Geiger, Marcia Harmon, Caron Hibbons, Cynthia Hipkiss, Jo James, Deni Kendig, Cheryl Kuhn, Leeann Kress, Vickie La Moe, Leslie Mccarthy, Laurie Meseroll, Nicol Sayre, Lisa Simpson, Connie Gouvea Stuart, Melissa D. Tereck,  Connie Tognoli, Katherine Webber, Valerie Weberpal, Lurena Williamson, 

Jack Roads (special guest)


Alexis Baking Company/Alexis Handelman, Tarot Reader/Marcia McCord, Mary Stornetta/Anette's Chocolates Napa Valley...The Oldest Chocolatier in Napa,


2015 HalloVine Label Designer

Both Wendy's parents were artists and from a young age she was always interested in art.  Theatre of Dreams, Wendy's shop/studio located in the small town of Port Costa California was started in 1997, she combines her fine art training with a love of antiques and vintage materials to create inventive and beautiful paper gifts. ....that she calls "Objects for an Imaginary Life". Using antique materials found at flea markets. including old sheet music, tarnished tinsel, vintage crepe paper, Victorian scrap, and silver glass glitter Wendy's work connects with some lost sense of magic from times past.



Deni has been creating art for a very long time.  She began as soon as she could hold onto her crayons.  She drew her first animal at age 3....a perfect blue rabbit. Animals and nature have inspired her work ever since. She creates an anthropomorphic world of animals that come to life with charm and personality when she adorns them clothes and accessories.  Mouse taxidermy was the perfect evolution of her art.  Her "mouses", as they like to be referred to, can be anything they dream to be.

As a self-taught illustrator, she brings animals to life on paper and ceramic as well.  She makes tiny miniature paintings, and drawings ...some that are no bigger than an inch.  She loves the details of life and nature.  She has always loved the tiniest details of the world and that is where her art lives.