Year round, the Napa Valley is truly a magical place.  However, during the fall season, the colors and activity of  the grape harvest make it a beautiful and exciting time to visit!  That being said, we could not think of a more perfect time to host this “very original folk art and folk antique show” .  This blend, a true spectacle of primitive/ folk antiques, and the primitive/folk art of contemporary folk artists, make this a one-of-a-kind Festival. 

We are delighted to have gathered together some of the most creative, and kind-spirited people to contribute from both  the folk antique and the folk art worlds.    This combined with wine, chocolate and a few additional surprises  will , without a doubt, continue the  legacy that was established nine years ago.

Exciting news for this year, after testing out the waters last year for a Christmas Holiday Festival, we have decided to go ahead with it this year.    It will be titled American Folk Art and Folk Antique Holiday Festival.  It will be  held  at  an indoor location in Napa, CA,  the Lucky Penny Community Arts Center,  which was specifically created to host an event such as this.  It features two large rooms  for displays, a spacious lobby, and even a theatre space.  The Center also has a full bar so besides  tasting our delicious featured Festival wine, HolliVine Wine,  guests will also be able to purchase a drink, sit ,relax and reflect on the beginning of their Holiday festivities.   More information will be available soon, and a  Festival website is in the works.

Susan Bartolucci

Welcome to the 2017 American Folk Art Festival!